Mini Zoo

Hell Yes!
so fun ya :)
last weekend me and my CRAZY siblings making some HAVOC at the song box
do u remember that entry??
oh! u can't remember?
NVM! just click here to view the entry again ( SONG BOX )


this weekend more interesting event was happened!
what interesting?? and my siblings do some visiting to the MINI ZOO which is so near with my house
and fo sho! all the KUANTAN citizen would also known this place
that called as TAMAN TERUNTUM :D
just a small zoo..thats why it called as MINI ZOO!!

neway just review the best picture by me
so PLEASURE to shared with :)

this is the 5th and 2nd one
and they TOTALLY moron
and yes! u must believe my word :P

these all FIVE was my FABULOUS HERO on the earth even they all crazy
and please EXCLUDE me! i'm not crazy!
i love them so much!

the BEST and the CUTIES animals that i found at the zoo
and all these was my FAVORITE one :D

its FUN right??
i told u from the start
i would like to thanks to my mum 
coz having me all these crazy siblings
i LOVE u mum, abg, angah, uda, eiwan and yeh!

muahxx..muahxx to u guys!!

0 love bananas! nyuumyy: