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i took this survey from SPEECHLESS blog page :)
nice survey babe!!

so lets answer this survey

What is your full name?
Siti Nurul Ainna Mohd Jalil

When is your birthday?
3rd May 1989

What is your daddy's name?
Mohd Jalil Noor

What is your your mum's name?
Siti Mariam Abd Wahab

How many siblings do you have?
6 included me T_T

Where do you live?

Your favourite colour(s).
BABY colors

Still studying?
hell yesss..UiTM Pahang

Do you have a bestfriend?
for sure :)

Do you love them?
Totally yes!! very muccy..muahhxx :D

Pop or jazz?
me more to JAZZ

Chicken or beef?

Coke or 100plus?

What brand is your purse?

How much do you have in your wallet right now?
RM 20++

High heels or flat?
Can i pick BOTH? hehhe..

Skirts or jeans?
SKRITS..i'm very the ladies okay :P

Shirt or blouse?
me love BLOUSE more

Watch or bracelet?
can i pick BOTH also?? :)

Favourite watch's brand?
Q & Q..pasar malam punyeee :D

Do you have girlfriend?
plenty of them <3

Do you have a boyfriend?
a lots but SPECIAL? dun have yet :)

Did you love her?
love who?? my mum?? for sure..very muccyy

Did you ever kiss him?
kiss who?? my brother?? oh yeaaayy :D

Facebook or Myspace?
more to FACEBOOK..add me up at 

What is your dreams?
have my own MASTER
getting MARRIED
have my own CHILD
establish my own RESORT
oh! :)

Please tagged other ten friends of yours:

everyone can have this SURVEY
please enjoy with answering it!!

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