Women & Hijab?

i want to made one CONFESSION here
confession of the SHOPAHOLIC !
the confession as the MUSLIMAH
and yes!
i LOVE wearing hijab since 2006
and i will continuing doing this until the day i die :D


There are many advantages about these hijab, even COSMETICALLY!
I'll tell u only what i feel as :P

1) Bad guys usually don't try to tease u.

2) You can protect yourself from unnecessary attention from males esp. when going for shopping or in crowdy areas.

3) As we know that our whole body plus face and hair are covered so we don't spend too much time on them before going somewhere. more time saved :) yeaaay!

4) People generally respect women with hijab and try to help them whenever they ask 
( i noticed it in my college, where boys usually tease the girls who are not in Hijab or don't cover them properly, while they show extra respect towards those who wear hijab and try to help them and it just my experience).

5) Cosmetically, hijab protects our skin and hair from side effects of sun exposure. So u will have better skin, better hair, no need to spend extra money on sun blocks and hair conditioners :) is it right?? hehe..

6) Sometimes we just keep ourself from doing something wrong (despite the strong urge to do) just because it will not match our appearance. Our Iman strengthens as people expect us to be more religious than normal girls who don't wear hijab, so it causes stimulus to keep us on right track.

7) Non- muslims will know our religion and faith, even without being introduced. So it spread message of Islam. While u can't differentiate b/w non-muslims that from what religion they belong.

8) Girls will become less conscious of there appearance and physique in co-gatherings. So it also promotes confidence in personality :D

i told u..there is many advantages and of course there is nooooo DISadvantages

Well you may laugh on some of advantages what i feel, but yeah you can't deny it. So what i want to convey is that Hijab not only strengthen our faith but it is also very usefull in other things also, so promote Hijab. 
there are not any disadvantages of it, and lots of lots of advantages, religious as well as cosmetic :)

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