New Banana Stories

Banana Stories now having a NEW looked!
I've changed the HEADER
I've create 3 NEW PAGES! for my blog
so that, it will make the blogger more easier to surfing my BLOG :)
isn't it?


this is the 1st pages which is BANANA BIOGRAPHY
tru this page, u'll can see all my details such as my name, D.O.B and so on
my FORMSPRING and also my CHAT BOX also been there!
so dun forget to leave some message okay! :P

BANANA STORIES is the 2nd pages that was created by me :)
all the updates and new entry will be post tru this pages
and FYI..Banana Stories also would be the main pages for my blog

and lastly BANANA SHOP'S pages!
I've create this page obviously to promote my BLOG SHOP!
hahaha :) visit my blog shop ya!