Last Me

Oh My!
tonight is the last night me at home
last night for me sleeping at the HALL
last night for me and my siblings
last night for me TOUCHING with them
last night for me LEPAKING with them
last night for me making a SILLY JOKES with them
and the last night for me LAUGHING with them
*ayat macam x jumpa diorang langsung dah pasni, padahal x jumpa jap jeh! huh

and this is the LATEST but not the LAST picture of me with them
let me introduce you all my HEROES!

1. Mohd Zulkifly Jalil
2. Mohd Eilyas Noor Jalil
3. Mohammad Hab Salleh Jalil
4. Me
5. Mohd Eiwan Abqari Jalil
6. Muhammad Nur Idris Jalil

mereka semua kesayangan enna! ^.^
wink wink
i can't live without them
LEBIU guys!

0 love bananas! nyuumyy: