Saidina Itu Fun!

and a very GOOD EVENING peeps!
wink wink ^_^

SAIDINA was so FUN! 
superb fun even it actually a very ORTHODOX board games
but who cares! i love to play with it. aha

now i'm totally in my FINAL MOOD but sometimes and somehow we have to get some  fun gak an
takkan nak read BOOKS all the time
seriously you can get BRAIN TUMOR very quickly if you do that! aha
because i really DON'T want to get that brain tumor, so i have to rest my brain with something interesting
and thanks to ASHADAH SARIP and KECIK! 
i love both of you! because of you guys i'm falling in love with MR.SAIDINA so really bad! 
oh my >.<

this is what we called as SAIDINA
for whom doesn't know what is saidina stand for
you  totally NOOB man! aha
*tapi rasanya semua tahu an an an? 

Elliya, Ashadah, Azwazee, Kecik
you guys totally a loser! aha
love to play with you guys yawww!
you are totally AWESOME-MORON-HAVOC opponents that i ever had!
love love love you damn much :)

To my great opponents :

P/S : siapa berani lawan ngan wa, bak sini kita fight! aha :P

Perasaan hati : harini seriously rasa bullshit gila, serious confuse, serious rasa nak nangis, seriously rasa nak give up tapi  enna suka dia sangat2!
mujur ada kawan2 yang sudi meng-chillkan diri enna sentiasa.