Tips for Semester Breakers!

and hey hey KUANTAN, what's up! ya i'm here already! yeayy
as i've been here at my homie sweet homiesss
i meet again with my KUCING, sleeping on my own bed, clean house!
and i have to COOK for my own meal!
my my my i'm totally in the HOUSEMAID mood.aha!

So today i want to share something VALUABLE with all my readers
a TIPS actually :)
a tips on how to fill you SEMESTER BREAK with the most exciting activity, yeah! ( according to me )
in fact for those was a BACHELOR student from ANY IPTS and on going to have their bachelor
we will have 4 months of semester break yaww
Yes! 4 months dude!
*gila lama! tobat sumbat duk umoh =,="

therefore here is some tips on how to fill your 4 month semester break with a such
meaningful and valuable activities

1. Recite Al-Quran! make sure you can finishing it (khatam not khatan) as much as u can :)
2. IMPROVE the way you perform your solat! make it perfect yaw
3. try to memorize as much as SURAH as you can
4. Read the Tafsir Al-Quran, there are a lots of exciting stories 
and absolutely can help you to know Islam in the better way :)
5. being such a good MAID at home (tolong mak masak ke, basuh kain ke) 
in fact you can improve your skills in order to being a superb MOM yaw! ( just for a girl )
6. meeting up with all your CLOSE friends, friends, or meeting with somebody new.
 make a new friend! it such a good therapy actually :)
7. involving yourself with any community event! there a lots you know, just google search where the event take place than go! 
8. VACATION! ya right. you need a vacation bebeh! exploring Malaysia is the best thing evahh. visit all the island in Malaysia, visit all the small town, WATERFALL!! and the ocean :)
9. capture as much as PICTURE as you can, and this is the thing i like the most. hooraahh!