Top Universities in Malaysia 2011

and hello peeps!

ya today i'm going to talk about the TOP UNIVERSITIES in malaysia for 2011
Ya! i know, i know that i am pretty late to talk about this
but who care!
i still want to share it with. ehe :D

based on Tops Study Link, there are lots of universities which are the IPTA or IPTS in Malaysia
which already been ranked according to their performance and so on

and here is the TOP 10 out of 65 universities and colleges in Malaysia

USM conquer the first place of the rank. Good job for USM! clap clap clap
but in the world it still be at 600++th ! phewww.. such a long way to go right
if then so, Malaysia has to improve a lots of thing in their education system
even now they already change a lil bit
which was the time period for the bachelor, master and doctrine program
and as you concern, now all the bach, master and doctrine student in Malaysia was having the SEMESTER brake 
almost for 4 MONTHS!
yay! thats sound so nice but actually not!
*boring ouh cuti lelama =,="

done with the ranking, now we move on to other issues
what am i thinking, wondering and thinking again is
Why most of the student in IPTA/IPTS still feels so comfort?
are they proud enough with this?
what universities and all this colleges was build for?

and most of them get enter their ass to the university and play around with no benefits at all! JUST CERTAIN
aiyooo..i know its all about their matter but hey! don't you think that TOTALLY wasted?
i mean waste your time, energy and MONEY?
don't you?

i had fews fellow that AWESOMELY have this kind of attitude
the parents STRUGGLING find those money for their child
and send them away to the good, great and SUPERB university
but UNFORTUNETLY their children just take it easy!
repeat the papers all over, get lower pointer and the most cool is when their child get lots of SUMMON from the university
how sad isn't it?

you should make your parents PROUD!
they hardly try to UPGRADING their family to the top
but you just RUIN it just like that. ouh so horrible
try at least think about their effort and the sacrifaction on you and the most important is
TAKE CARE of their feelings :)

what all that i can conclude here is
no matter how superb, how lousy, how top your IPTA/IPTS was
don't take it for granted by not study hard!its all on yours not others
so think twice and act wise ya peeps! 
and for those who already good in their study, keep it up yaw! :)

thanks for reading