13 Awesomeness Happened in My 2014

and hello dearies!

Well dear, today's entry is all about my 2014 memories
ya i know it's a little bit late to update but yeahh still i want to share it with
cos i know you reading my blog everyday all day
yes you!

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah for all his blessing
Alhamdulillah praise to Allah by letting me feel the happiness with having my own little family
Alhamdulillah praise to Allah by giving me blessful friends

Let's start it over!

Cameron Highlands, Feb 2014
I was 6 months pregnant and i still remember that i told my husband "can we go somewhere cold?"
and yeah he brought me here. Thank you sayang!

Genting Highlands, March 2014
I was 7 months pregnant and actually on that day we are currently attending my UiTM mates wedding ceremony
somewhere near Jengka, Pahang. On our way back home we decided to stopover at Genting Highlands and enjoying the sunset. Just a simple short trip for two!

National Museum and Monument Kuala Lumpur, May 2014
At this moment i am one more week to go before my due. I read blogs and maternity website, they said
walking around will help for easy baby delivery, so yeah! im doing it by hoping for the same.
My hubby brought for sightseeing around Kuala Lumpur and yeah we go to
National Museum and National Monument Kuala Lumpur cos we think this might amuse us much, thanks sayang!

Klinik Bersalin An-nur Seksyen 6, Shah Alam Selangor, May 2014
On 26 May 2014, 3.52kg baby boy safely born. Alhamdulillah
and his given name was Hud bin Ahmad Izzat
why we chose Hud? cos it simple, easy to remember, easy to write and also its a prophet name
Such a great present in the worl, comes with bless and love from heaven
I love you son, i don't care what you are going to be in future, i don't mind if your're not smart like others
i don't mind if you're not perfect like others but i want you to be the man who obey to his creator Allah S.W.T

Penang, July 2014
This is the beginning, for the first time we (me, hubby and hud) have a holiday even it is a short term holiday
but still we are in holiday mood and we have to go for it. Hud this time only 2 months old!

Eid Mubarak Celebration, July 2014
Last year 2013 raya i am celebrating raya as a single lady and this year i am celebrating my raya with my little family.
Oh my! im still in shock cos at this time being i already have husband and baby at the same time
what the awesome trio! Alhamdulillah
and this is my first time celebrating at my in laws house as well. Exciting and trill!

Batu Feringgi, August 2014
they best day after raya is laying on the sand, wear shades and feel the sea breeze.
and it was awesome! Hud was 3 months old at this moment.

1 Year Anniversary, August 2014
Celebrating our 1 year love marriage at Bora Ombak Ampang by having lovely candlelight dinner
As my concern, this is a balinese restaurant but they having western and malay foods inside their menu,
and they also have "I Love You" potion drink and yes! when i drink it, i can feel love is in the air floating around. haha
Thanks to hubby for this awesome dinner which i never had before. Thank you!

Malaysia Independent Day, August 2014
31st August 2014, Malaysia celebrating their 57 years of Independency.
I never when to merdeka parade cos i am so lazy to wake up early in the morning just to see the stupid machine parade and people
but now i am change! i found that this parade is actually kinda cool and it sneak in!
The Sudirman song which played during the ceremony really touched me and ya am proud to be Malaysian!

Eid Adha Celebration, October 2014
Since eid mubarak was celebrate at my in laws house so this time eid i am celebrating at my hometown
This is so excited cos this year i bring Hud to watch the "qurban" and hud seems do know nothing
he watch for 5 minutes and he sleep! aiyaaaa~

Karnival Upin Ipin, November 2014
since my hubby is the organizer of the event, so we so much enjoy with the event
The best part is the ultraman show, this is the ultimate of all!
i came here not just to see the upin and ipin but i want to see my ultraman which originally came from Japan!
way to much awesomeness! Awesome collaboration betwen T-suburaya and Les copaque
but sadly i came here a little bit late and ultraman show just over, so i decide to watch it in youtube
well u can find it in Les copaque youtube channel for this ultraman show! 

KLCC, December 2014
There are few more days to 2015 and i told my husband " why not we go somewhere nice to close our 2014 book? "
So my husband brought us here! many many thanks sayang!
The heart of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.

New Year Eve, December 2014
Celebrating our new year together! and see you next year
i don't have any specific resolution, what i wish is just to be a awesome wife, awesome mom
and awesome servant of Allah S.W.T

Lets welcome the year which is fresh 
Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new
Lets cherish each moment it beholds
Lets celebrate this blissful new year.

till then