Genting Highland, Malaysia 2015 - 3D2N

Hello and Assalamualaikum my dear readers

today's update is all about my short vacation with the loved one
not so far from our home
it takes only 45 minutes to reached there
the place is cold, happening and full of fun
yes! i was talking about Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

We decided to spend our 3 days 2 night here since
my husband got two awesome tix to watch Ultraman live in Genting 2015
which i will update the same later
Our trip started on Thursday after working hours
and decided to take cable car up to the highlands

1st Day - 5/3/2015

we reached cable car station at 10.30pm

Cable car operation hour : 8am - 12am
free for infant below than 2 years
and RM 12/adult for return tix

this is Hud first experience ride off the cable car
he was not excited cos he does not know anything yet
but his Ummi and Abi was super duper excited! wohoo!

Alhamdulillah we reached uphill safely
and now we have to take a step directly to the hotel where we are going to stay for 3 days

We booked our stay at
and we've done! only RM 50/night at First World Resorts
cheap, affordable and most important is clean and comfortable
Hud may express how "syok" he was with the room

thanks Hud for staying cute!

For foods, i did prepare and bring spare foods up here like bread, tuna, biscuit and such
and also mineral water!
food and beverage here way too much expensive! just imagine
4 pieces of fried banana will cost u RM 6.00!
that's my favorite local food but here will no longer be
small mineral water RM 3.00
big mineral water RM 5.00
oh god! please please bring couple hundred just for foods, if you want too

2nd Day - 6/3/2015

We start our second day with indoor photoshoot. haha
Sorry we can't help our-self stop from doing these
we are camera maniac! lol
Having bread with tuna for breakfast
and also Marrybrown porridge for Hud
Nothing much to do here
since the outdoor theme park in upgrading process
so we just have a family walk, having a sight seeing and feel the coldness
well our ticket to watch ultraman performance will be at 4 pm
there still ample time to hanging around
so we decided to go to our favorite place when we're in Genting
wanna know where it was?
keep scrolling baby!
here we are
Japanese garden!
this garden was located just beside Resort Hotel
we having photo-shoot in here every time we in Genting
from single to married to pregnant and now with Hud
every single moment we did captured it here
such a memorable!
Well well I will update regarding ultraman live in Genting in separate entry
will update about it so very soon!
stay tune!
3rd Day - 7/3/2015
Capturing a moment under the lantern
this was located at First World Resort lobby
Jump high in highlands while you can!
Travelling back down at noon
That all about our short vacation
well time spending with the family is awesome
even it is just a simple vacation but it worthies!
till then

1 love bananas! nyuumyy:

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