Eid Fitri 2015

and hello readers!

this is my second raya as a family - me, cik abang and Hud
and this year is my turn
say hello Kuantan!

and this year raya would be so much excitement since Hud already 1 year +
and just know how to walk, even not so proper but yeah he's getting wild-active now
i'm trying my best to trained my little baby how to do the salam-ing things as well
not just for the hari raya but teach him some manners and his doing great!

since my husband is one of the Animator at the Les Copaque production house
which is the parents of Upin Ipin cartoon series
and since this year as well they have a great collaboration with Jakel
so we bought the very first "baju melayu" for hud at 50% discount!
what a great value for the great shirt

and this year raya theme is blue!

complete set of melayu things-ing
baju melayu
my mum bought him a songket bag to put his duit raya

Hud excited?
his ummi and abi more more super excited
he looks just so cute and tiny! haha

despite of rendang and ketupat, our other side dishes on first day of raya is "soto" 
while baby and husband still having a very nice sweet dream
me, mum and sister in law woke up early in the morning prepare for the dishes
and it is worthiness
ohhhh the taste was sooo good i tell ya!

Our raya run smoothly
start the day with morning bath (mandi sunat hari raya)
take a bite of bread or cookies before take off to mosque for raya prayer
having the raya prayer and hearing the "tok imam" preaching a bit
and the salam-ing things start right after that

even every night right before we sleep
i always ask for your forgiveness, everyday
and on this hari raya i would like to do the same again
"forgive for all my wrong-doings toward you intentionally or unintentionally
i love you. 0-0 ye kanda."

and finally our very best family photo on the first raya
ohh Hud! your face, it's okay
more shoot to go

family photo with the parents

this year raya collection perhaps?
Ummi just too excited!

 "belemoihhhh la hai muka"
i told ya, hud is a very active baby nowadays

this was on second raya
Hud dancing while waiting for abi barbering his hair
he's not dancing actually. haha. just get it caught, i think he want to walk forward
but unfortunately he goes left side
and click! i got this picture
cute isn't it?

the jubah that wore by Hud was actually bought by my mum on his 3 months (last year raya)
and this year Alhamdulillah, still fit in
just a little bit hanging cos he's getting taller

tadaaa! abi with his new hair cut like finally!
and hud was like " is this my abi? or..hmm i don't know. too handsome too judge."

On this second day of raya
We start to visit our relatives and cousins and all
from morning till night
non stop!
and we just like it

walk of happiness

Hud after abi
and it's a must

awesome sunset view in front of my parents house
and what a great moment too

That it!
that's was our hari raya celebration
more to write and less time to type
hence, short entry for the awesome event

how was your hari raya?
tell me!

till then 

0 love bananas! nyuumyy: