Mood Swinging

Ohh ohhh
hate this feelings
and thanks to you GIRL because made me feel this way
you are the best
yes the best!
everything about you was so PERFECT

i don't know why you hate so much about me
i didn't DISTURBING your life
i didn't bad mouthing you
i have no personal interest on you or even care about you!
why you so PATHETIC girl?
wake up!

all i can do is just
BE CALM myself
BE STRONG because I have only a month to face all this shit
BE GRATEFUL because I still have people around me who loves me more

i prefer to lose my FRIEND rather than my family
FAMILY is my priority!
you lose one friend today but you can gain double or maybe triple friend on the next day :)

P/S : when we get older, our mentality should also be improve right?
but not to you my darling.
seriously you so poor and i'm so sorry because can't help you either
only you can help yourself.
please don't be too bitchy girl :)

0 love bananas! nyuumyy: