One Night In The Garden

Uhuukk  Uhukkk
i'm still ill
high FEVER
SORE throat
May Allah forgive and cure this ill
and please pray for my healthiness peeps

lets us start over with the story

On the last THURSDAY
which is the date where our faculty dinner is held
All i want to say to my junior PART 4
thank a lots for the 3 YEARS memories presentation
that you have made specially for us
*sumpah enna nangis time tu. sangat terharu
you are the FIRST batch yang buat slide for their senior
Ohh Ohh!
really appreciate it
thanks again


i will miss this MEMORIES forever
*pejam pelik pejam pelik
we had been together almost for 3 YEARS!
Yes 3 years!

we laughing together
crying together
fighting each other
gain knowledge together
compete each other
eat together
travelling together
cycling together
gossiping to each other
sleep together
all this memories will be keep in my heart FOREVER
Yes! Forever and ever

P/S : I Miss Them :)

0 love bananas! nyuumyy: