The Final

hey hye!
This blog seems so dust!
i left this blog alone almost for two months
what the?

Here i come back again just to make a short and simple entry about my final month of my final year
at UiTM Johor, Segamat Branch

Finally after fighting with all those finance, management, statistic, language and other related lecturer
*i mean straggling to do my best for them
at last! now i'm moving forward for my last final exam for my bachelor and yet going for my internship
does it sound good?
i guess ya! haha

What can i say about my bachelor's life is
even sometimes i felt a little bit upset with certain of my colleagues
but that fine, that good because this is what we call as "experience"
 in our life we found so many people with many kind of attitude
and what we should do is
we try to cope and adopt all this kind of new situation and take it as a new experience and knowledge 
is that cool? yes isn't it? :)

and what did i learn also was
not every person can accept our bad and good behaviour and attitude
and not everyone can make us happy as what we did to them
and men nowadays totally different. What is different is
they are more talkative and going excellent in gossiping
wooow! such a huge changes!

Every semester started from my third semester until this current semester which is the fifth one
every bad and good stories created
every bad and good experience collected
every bad and good situation faced
i will make it memorable and unforgettable :)

BBA (hons) FIN B, UiTM Johor, Segamat Branch

My final Time Table
27/6 (wed) - Hubungan Etnik
29/6 (fri) - Personal Finance
1/7 (sun) - Strategic Management
5/7 (thu) - Real Estate
10/7 (tue) - Financial Statement Analysis
14/7 (sat) - Portfolio Management

till then,
Wish for my best peeps!