IC oh! IC

and hello evening everyone!
today i'm going to tell a story about
"the making of" getting my new Identity Card (IC)

by the way, i had lost my precious card holder which contain all the important card
such my IC, driving license, bank cards, student card and so on
i never being so careless before this, i keep my card holder or my purse securely with me
i don't know why this time i can simply lost it!
and now i know how urgent and important all those plastic card in our life

without IC, we can't go anywhere
without driving license, we can't drive our handsome vehicle
without student card, we can't borrow books and much worst we can't enter the exam hall!
without any bank cards, we BANKRUPT!

i did go to police station and report my losses
i did go to Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) to get my new driving license
i did go to near branches of Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) to get my new IC
and as we know to process the new IC it will takes almost 3 month to settle down
because of that i have to fly over to the main/headquarters of JPN which located at Putrajaya
i need money! i need bank cards! so that i can live happily! this bankrupt status really get me frustrated!

 Here! my awesome driver, Ms Intan :)

2 July 2012
8.00 am - engine start and head off to Putajaya
8.30 am - get our breakfast at Jementah
9.00 am - car checking at Jementah

12.45 pm - safely arrived at JPN Putrajaya

JPN Putrajaya was so cool!
sitting on the stone bench really makes me feel just like so-model-of-the-day!
ouh by the way, this is my first time at JPN, that's why i act a little bit odd. haha

 and you know what, the surau really awesome!
the smell itself really makes me feels like "where actually we are? at surau or hotel lobby? "
the condition was excellant! 100% top clean, and comfortable
and they got very huge mirror mirror on the wall which automatically make us feels like
" hey! back off, this is our mirror "
and because of that, this happen! camwhore-like-hell in front of the mirror. haha

Today such a clumsy day and full of drama! haha. 
Big thanks to both of the girls which willing to accompany me along the making of the drama 
and Alhamdulillah, i just got my new IC, super duper exciting! :)

till then,

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