Spendexman or Spiderman?

yeay yeay
happy friday guys. ahaks

World today are going crazy since this new spendexman which better to called as spiderman released

 see the poster guys, this spendexman quite charming isn't it?
i bet every girls who come and watch this movie might fall in love 
especially with the NEW PETER PARKER!
included me and myself
ouh can't hold myself to say that because this is true! haha :D

every single girls want to have a picture together with him
even not for real but at least, we've got one! haha

what rate should i give for this movie?
with full of sincereness and faithfulness, i would like to rate it 5 over 5!
this movie's totally cool
and most important is, it's really fit with our logical mind and science related

if we compare to the previous spendexman
once peter got bitten by that tiny spider, his hand automatically can secrete the spider liquid
which able him to swing here and there
 and that's totally out of mind!
how can our hand suddenly have a special hole and ......errgghh! unbelieveable isn' it?

this new spendexman which also got bitten by the spider of course 
was totally different!
the story line much more better and logic which mind acceptable
peter itself become so brilliant as brilliant as his father's created a very special device
to secrete the same spider liquid,  ingenious is it?
that's why i told u this new spendexman much knowledgeable and intelligent. haha :D

Besides that
Once upon a time Mary Jane is a very lucky girl who falling in love with this man
but now Gwen Stacy playing the role more better and cuter
bye bye MJ, say hello to GS!

as the conclusion, please go and watch this awesome movie's in town
kalau busuk-busuk malas tengok wayang pun, pergilah beli DVD haram kat pasar malam
much worth isn't it? haha

why i called him spendexman? because his wearing those spendex suit! haha

our beautiful, mirthful, blissful, and joyful faces

till then

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ejulz said...Best Blogger Tips[Baling Pisang Balik!]Best Blogger Templates

cam menarik je. xtau bila nk tengok. hehe

Firdaus® said...Best Blogger Tips[Baling Pisang Balik!]Best Blogger Templates

hahahah rindu akak2 ni =)