Appreciation to The Patriot (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!

well well this is my second post about my short visiting to Tugu Negara, Malaysia
and surprisingly now i came here together with my fiancee
double triple excited! 

click link on below to review my first post about Tugu Negara

I love this place very much!
and it seems to be my favourite place now on. hihi
The view seriously amazing and i bet you will love it too
it is not just because of the awesome monument but also you can see the nice view of Kuala Lumpur from up here too!
cool is it?

My fiancee seriously super pro in this jumping things
two/three pictures of him jumping is enough and all perfect!
but me? i have to try so many times, almost ten times and only two pictures acceptable
acceptable! got what i mean? 
so as the conclusion, I don't have any pure skills of jumping. that's all!

Dear fiancee:
i want you to know that you are my happiness, my jokers and yet! my everything

till then