Somenization Preparation (Part 2) - HIV Blood Test

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!
here we meet again for the next update about my solemnize preparation

so today i'm going to share my HIV blood test experience 
and i hope it's useful and worth to read :)
Let me put my story in the proper sequence

1. Make a short call

Different government clinics will serve with different way on how they doing the HIV blood test,
so before deciding yourself to choose which clinic you want to go, better make your  first call
this could acknowledge you more about the clinic
As for me, i make three short calls to three different clinics and since currently i stay at Damansara Utama
so i choose clinic at Petaling Jaya area to do my HIV blood test
You may visit the link given on below to see how many government clinics which available at your area

As i told you just now, i make three calls to three different clinics
which are KK Kelana Jaya, KK Seksyen 7 Shah Alam and KK Seksyen 19
for KK Kelana Jaya and KK Seksyen 7, the HIV blood test are limited only to 20 first person per day
and open for two session which from 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5pm, first 10 person per session.
and for KK Seksyen 19, it's unlimited! you can do at anytime except during lunch hour

2. HIV Blood test form

Bring along the HIV blood test form provided by JAIP/JAIS or any Islamic religious councils
Normally it depend on what state you live, for me i'm from Kuantan, Pahang
and JAIP provided this kind of form, for other state i am not so sure, you may check on that later
if you are provided with this HIV Blood test form, please bring it along.

3. Just go to your selected government clinic

As of that, i choose to go to do my HIV blood test at KK Seksyen 19,
i reached there at 10.30am, and directly go to the counter and claim for the HIV blood test form

 done filled up the form provided by them, don't forget to attached along another blood test form provided by JAIP/JAIS/etc
Submit the complete filled form to the counter and pay the fees 
take your que number and waiting their calling for blood taking and testing, super simple right?
since this is government clinic, so the fees is only RM 1.00!
and HIV Blood test only can be done at government clinic, private clinic are not acceptable.

Lastly, they will call upon your name and collect back your HIV blood test form result and it's done!
This process only took 2 hours to complete
and what a happy ending! :)
so now i can proceed to the next preparation!

till then

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