Terengganu, Malaysia 2013 - 2D1N

Hello readers

Just a quick update about my ultimate short and sweet vacay with beloved one
Since my husband never when to Terengganu, never ever, even once
so we planned to travel to treasure Terengganu state by our own in October

This is not a well planned trip
we just go and "redah" Terengganu base on my own knowledge. haha
and my husband totally depend 1000% on me
and this is bad!
even my parent originally from Terengganu
that doesn't mean i know everything about this state
Well, just wait and see then :P

So here we go!
Love trip - second edition - Terengganu - Malaysia - 2013

This is a 2 days and 1 night vacation
below is the total cost incurred for this awesome and calm vacation

Car petrol : RM 80.00
Snack & tit bits : RM 20.00
Breakfast : RM 15.00
Dinner : RM 20.00
Lunch : RM 50.00
Chalet : RM 130.00
Other cost : RM 10.00
Total : RM 325

p/s : well dear, Alhamdulillah i am pregnant and i'm in second trimester now. Please pray for my baby wellness and also me. love you! :)

till then

2 love bananas! nyuumyy:

Tomoyo@Zura said...Best Blogger Tips[Baling Pisang Balik!]Best Blogger Templates

tahniah dik....bunting pelamin iek? sma la cm akak dlu...jg kesihatan ok? semoga adik sentiasa happy selalu disamping suami tercinta..sory akak tak pandai speaking london..kih3...tak sabar nk tunggu adik post kt blog about ur pregnancy..=)

Enna Banana said...Best Blogger Tips[Baling Pisang Balik!]Best Blogger Templates

@Tomoyo@Zura : mungkin bunting pelamin. terima kasih kak! nanti sy akan post pasal pregnancy and yes Insyallah i'll take care of myself. kalau ada tips2 ibu mengandung kongsi2 la kak. love u :)