The One and Only

Ahmad Izzat Sharfuddin / Ayie / Qoyi
Is now and forever going to be my husband, my love and my best friend
The one and only

Yes, he is quite wild four years back and I’m totally regretted of what he was before
But now his totally changed. TOTALLY!
When the time I met him for the first time after four years lost in the sea
He look much better, matured and yet he melt me darl!

I know all about him
Up and down
In and out
Back and front.
Everything my dear, yes everything

It is quite hard to accept all his dark side, all his past life
But hey! I am his wife, I can handle this!
This is just a small matter for me
If he can accept of who I am, for sure I can do the same thing on him
We backing up each other and yes! I’m going to be his superb secret keeper
Don't you worry darling.

My husband and I are best of friend first and foremost
We fight like cats and dogs sometimes
But never stay mad for so long
I was lucky to find him
He is in every way, my soul mate

At one night my husband do told me
" I have my past life, and so do you. Don't look behind anymore, let me held your hand
and we will walk together to our future. Just ignore what people say, 
just ignore what my ex's and your ex's trying to do or stalked what we are doing right now. 
They all insane, they just can't accept what life we having right now. 
I do love yo, i do love you and i do love you with all my heart. 
You are my wife, we're going to treasure our life together, having babies 
and yet have a good family. Just you and me "

till then

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