Because Of You

This entry is specially made to appreciate for all that involved in my love life

thanks to my friend Ainee
because of you i finally met my husband
if not, i'll not know who is Ahmad Izzat Sharfuddin

If not because of you
I won't go to Cyberjaya 4 years back
I still remember when we're plan to meet at KL
you never mention to bring me to met your other friend
after i reached KL, then later you told

Anyway, thanks to facebook too
because of it, me and my husband unexpected met each other again after 4 years
Facebook! you are really connecting people. Love it!

And of course Alhamdulillah
thanks to Allah
for all the love you've share, for all the opportunities given
for all bless you've gave
Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah

My husband do told me this :
" We just like a key, before we meet our absolute key hole that perfectly fit us,
we will suffer a lots because of the formation to the perfect key
Just like people, we'll meet wrong person thousands time before meet the perfect soulmate.
A person that will hurt us. A person who take advantage on us. 
A person who not really into love. A person who just with us because she/he don't want to be alone. 
Well dear, we will meet this kind of human but now i finally found you. 
you're really fit me, you my absolute key hole and you're mine. "

Till then

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