2013 Year Review

Hello dearies!
Well this is a quick update about my 2013 year review
so many things happened this year, and most of the important events in my life happening in this awesome year
Alhamdulillah. praise to Allah.
Thanks for His blessedness, thanks for His mercifully, thank you, thank you and thank you Ya Rabb

meet my old friend's which turned to be my boyfriend's on the next day and yet now he is my husband's
we meet again after 4 years not seeing each other.
thanks to facebook for uniting us back. Muah!
and this is the very first polaroid picture of us. Taken on the same day of our first date
*jumpa hari pertama terus snap gambar kau!

Done my internship at Petronas Gas Berhad Sdn. Bhd
Well this is one of biggest wish, to have my own workstation in this awesome building, KLCC Twin Towers
and Alhamdulillah my wish came true! i've been at level 51 tower 1, twin towers
6 months is enough for me to feel the highest of the building. pressure elevation!
Glad to have such opportunity in my life.

I've got my first job even not officially graduated yet!
IBM Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, thanks for having me as part of your team.

Celebrating my birthday with colleagues
even it is a simple party but i am quite bless enough for that. Thank you IBMers!

Finally i am officially graduated as a Bachelor of Finance holder
Thanks to my parents, my siblings and for all that involved in my succesfullness
thanks to UiTM for the knowledge and thank you Ya Allah for the quality brain that you gave.

I've got engaged guys!
Alhamdulillah, at first thought, i never and did not expect i'm going to get marry to soon
This is such a bless moment in my life.
Since i'm the only girl in my family and it's quite tough for me to find a boyfriend's
Most of my boyfriends previously always been rejected by my brothers
They really strict on selecting a good man to be my husband
I am really glad to have them as my brothers, such protective!
and thanks to his family too, his mum and the daughters are awesome! i love them!

I can consider this is my last Eid Fitri celebration as a single lady.
I am bless with 5 brothers, step father and awesome mother in my life
I love them with all my heart, take care guys!
I guess next year i have to start contributing "duit raya" to children eyy!

I am a married woman! OMG!
Ya Allah, this is the moment! this is the moment that every women wanted to have in their life
and finally i made it! Now i'm officially a wife to Ahmad Izzat Sharfuddin
I swear to God, i never expect this things happened so fast
I never expect that i am a wife to somebody at the age of 24!
Thank you Ya Rabb. Without Your blessing, without Your most merciful i will be not yet reached this level in my life.

and what is currently happened in my 2013 year calender is
I am pregnant! Alhamdulillah
I still can't believe that now i'm carried alive creature inside this cute tummy of mine 
see! see! his head and body. Oh! excited!
I'm going to be mummy so soon. Hmmm..still wondering the suitable name that my child might call me soon
ummi? mummy? ibu? mama? bonda?
Well dear, i'm expecting to get burst on May next year
This is more exciting because my child will be born nearly with my and hubby birthday
Oh Ya Rabb, i don't know how to express my thankfulness towards you
Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb.

i am the only daughter to Siti Mariam and Mohd Jalil
i am still the only sister's to Zulkifly, Eilyas, Hab, Eiwan and Idris 
i am bachelor in finance holder
i am an employee of IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd
i am the only wife of Ahmad Izzat Sharfuddin
i am an in law to Encik Sharfuddin family
 i'll get "mommy" tittle next year!

Till then