Second Trimester

and hello hey readers.

Now i'm in my second trimester. Alhamdulillah!
well guys first trimester is very challenging and dear nausea is really killing me
but now Alhamdulillah, all those dizzy things has gone away. yeay!

In this second trimester i feel a bit enegetic
This is an exciting time as i may have an ultrasound scan to check my baby's growth, 
spine and internal organs are normal. Enjoy watching my baby on screen! eheks
*kecik2 dah ada video dalam perut, untung budak zaman sekarang nih~

During mid-pregnancy the amount of blood circulating round in my body is increased. 
and this can suddenly make me feel quite hot. Hot mama's! :P

Well i haven't seen my baby move yet. 
Need to lie in the bath or on my bed, then watch and wait, i just might see something.
hooooo so execited!
sometimes i just love watching my husband lying on my tummy and 
say something sweet to our precious. 


Guys, do pray for my baby wellness