Week 23


praise to Allah S.W.T
now my baby reached week 23
everything good, baby healthiness was awesome :)

Now my baby weight already reached 560++ gramm
maybe by next month my baby weight going to be 1 kilo ++. Insyallah

My weight also keep increasing and yet the increment is crazy!
i'm gaining 7 KG guys!
Doctor said, normal women will gain at least 20 KG during pregnancy
20 KG! penambahan 2 kampit beras 10 KG! hoiiii

By this week my baby's lungs are developing to prepare for that first big intake of breath. 
baby's head and body are now more in proportion and it's hearing more and more sounds 
from the outside world  
Hello baby! can u hear me? 

Till then 

1 love bananas! nyuumyy:

ada mokhtar said...Best Blogger Tips[Baling Pisang Balik!]Best Blogger Templates

alhamdulillah.. semoga mummy & baby sentiasa sihat.. inshaAllah baby kita akan lahir same month :)