Malaysia Independence Day 2014

and happy independence day to all Malaysian!

today 31 August 2014
which we are now in the 57th years of independency
Alhamdulillah! May Allah bless us

I am quite excited actually to tell a story about this year "merdeka" celebration
coz this is my very first time being a watcher of the parade
yes! i did went to merdeka celebration before but as a participant not as an audience
you now, the dance, the formation all
ya i am very active to joined does during my school time
but! after a while especially after school, i never go to any merdeka event just to watch the parade
i prefer to sit at home and sleep!

but now i am a married woman
well all i can say is, the feelings way totally different guys!
before this i can see parents who carried their children in the morning just to show them
what "Merdeka" is
even my parents do the same way to, woke us up in the morn
put the flag on top of the car
hanging flag all over the corner of the house
just to show and share the spirit of Merdeka to their children
and now i did the same thing to my son Hud as well.

today we woke up early in the morning, at 6 am
preparing ourselves to go to watch the merdeka parade 
which will be held at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
6.45am we all done with nice clothes and ready to mingle on the merdeka day's!
and hubby drove us all the way to LRT Kelana Jaya station
well dear, public transport is the best way to avoid traffic jammed
from Kelana Jaya to Masjid Jamek, it takes less than 45 minutes
we took train at 7.30am and reached Masjid Jamek station at 8.15pm 
and from Masjid Jamek station to the dataran take less than 5 minutes walking mode

Jalan Tun Perak is now full with people regardless of race and religion
we all heading to the same direction with the same purpose, what a miracle day's is it? 

enough with the writing then
Well, let's the picture do the talking!

till then
Happy merdeka from me and my family to all Malaysian!

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