Bora Ombak, Ampang Kuala Lumpur 2014


I was so glad when someone ask  for the candlelight dinner
and i am super blessed when that "someone" is actually my one and only husband
This is my first time ever have a candlelight dinner
i never had it even before marriage
so i'm a bit excited about it

Well, today's entry is all about our one year anniversary celebration
hubby bring us, wait! us?
oh i forgot, i have a cute baby named Hud. haha
hubby bring us to this very special place called
Bora Ombak located at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
this place just beside Ampang sport planet
and yes!
It just like a fairytale!
white flower
overwhelm chandelier
awesome hallway
and the best part is
There have a special drink called "love potion"

Well then
Let's pictures do the talking

Ya Allah Ya Rabb
Thanks for the happiness you gave, unforgettable happiness
Thanks for the time you gave, the quality time spending with the little family
Thanks for the wealthiness of love you gave, love that keep us stronger and stronger
Thanks for everything Ya Rabb!

I thought we going to celebrate our one year anniversary just two of us
but yeah, Allah give us Hud 
the existence of Hud makes our celebration more merrier and happier
all i can say is, our marriage much better and better with this new born baby
Alhamdulillah, thanks ya Rabb

Well ladies and gentlemen
 you shall go to this place
at least once in your lifetime
it was super romantic, classy and memorable
and i bet you'll love it too

Till then

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