Karnival Upin & Ipin 2014

and hello readers!

a very late update about last year event attended which are
Karnival Upin & Ipin 2014
with awesome special appearance of Ultraman originally from Japan!

It's happening very well
PICC always full with crowd especially during 30 minutes of ultraman show
you can't even move your arse out from the hall!

Since my husband is one of the group leader animator at Les Copaque
hence, me and Hud get a special privilege during the event
not so special actually but a little bit fortunate than others

Well, i was here on the last day of the event which is on sunday
actually i was so lazy on that day and at the same time felt bored to the max
since my husband was away for 2 days for the event
after a long thinking, why not i drive myself from Shah Alam to Putrajaya
meet my beloved husband and in the same time joining the event

Abi getting excited when Hud came along joining the event
even Hud doesn't know what actually happened
well dear Hud, one day you will understand and i sure that

it's nearly lunch hour, so i decided to take my family having a good lunch at the nearer cafeteria
named Buffet Cafe Lunch
i can see lots of parent avoid themselves to walk in to the cafe
cos they might think that "ohh, it must be expensive" or 
"i have 3,4,5,6,7 children, how can i afford this"
cos the cafe itself looks so classy and clean like no other cafe
but actually the price is super affordable for all visitors of PICC
only RM 15/person with 65 assorted dish!
super cheap right?
and plus, this is a buffet lunch, BUFFET!
what you expect?

Alhamdulillah, we full with chicken, fish, cocktail and everything
now let's move on and continue the journey at Karnival Upin & Ipin

Yeay! we are now at "Rumah Opah"
this replica house was build exclusively for the carnival
and it was awesome!

The house was build exactly like in Upin & Ipin cartoon series but in the smaller scale
but still it's cool
with the furniture, decoration and all
feel just like at home!

Now we are at the B Hall entering their mini studio
there have 5 section i believe, starting with the flip photo section
recording section, effect sound section, and more

Overall we are so happy and enjoyed the event
PICC is a suitable and comfortable place to do such event
but sadly on the same day there also a graduation day from local college
and it makes the place full with double triple crowd!
but still, it's was a great event
i am looking forward for the next year of the same carnival
must be more awe-awesome!

 till then

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