ROA by Jovian Mandagie, Shah Alam Selangor 2014

and hello reader!

If you love spicy food
you are most welcome to ROA by Jovian Mandagie!

"Selamat Bakudapa! Or Hello in Manado.
If you love “masakan pedas”, enjoy! If you’re not a fan of spicy food,
get ready for some hot and tingling sensation!
Roa’s menu is created and carefully chosen by myself.
Modified to cater the taste buds of Malaysians. " - Jovian

"Please try the Ayam Rica-Rica, Cumi Cah, Kuah Asam, and Ayam Tuturuga
when you visit Roa, as they are all my favourites.
If you are on a diet, call any one of our server to suggest a JM diet meal (it is not in the menu).
It is yummy and healthy" - Jovian

What is ROA?

"See, in the menu you’ll find Roa Saos. It is a must try! 
Roa is popular in Manado and known as the specialty fish there. In Indonesia, 
there is only one place that you can find Roa, which is in Manado. 
Roa is a smaller species of swordfish." - ROA

now you know right?

Well this is a double date dinner actually
two family get together on weekend was so awesome!
and Hud doesn't felt well at this moment since he slightly warm and coughing

Hud : "Uncle Ee, i know you can do it! Please don't give up! 
I heard this just about 1/3 spicy from the original one in Manado"

Ee : "water..water...

Gadget talk and grumpy face of Hud


If you love spicy food, like soooo spicy, this is the place
If you love fish, like whatever kind of fish was it, this could be the place
If you love romantic mood dine in, like ohhh baby, this is the place
If you love quite and calm place to chit chat/lepaking, this is the place
If you love and like and read my entry, you have to come here at least once!

I am not a spicy food lover
I am not a fish dish lover
but i love their dessert, especially the Ganache!

Well, please come and visit ROA
sure you gonna love it!
located at Seksyen 7  opposite Abe Restaurant

till then

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