Farazreen & Ashraf Wedding 2015 (The Bridesmaid)

and hello readers!

praise to Allah
One of my high school friends just married!

In high school (SMK Air Putih, Kuantan) i've 6 favorite friends where so called "besties"
Me, Ekin, Amy, Fara, Atilia, Zira and Dila
We are good to be together since ever!
3 are married, 1 just married and 3 more to go

The wedding is happening at Flat Kg. Pak Mahat, Kuantan, Pahang
the solemnization and reception was done together on the same day

Nothing more can be described
Happiness, Gladness and speechless
seeing one of your bestfriend settle down their favorite man
May Allah bless you and your new family

and as usual we volunteer ourselves to be the bridesmaid
we just happy to see our friends get marry 
and why not we spend some money and celebrate the same

Flower crown sponsored by Ekin
Shawls sponsored by Me
Henna sponsored by Dila
Dress & Lace : Self-spend

The solemnization details
date : 4/4/2015
time : 9.30pm
Dowry : RM 22.50 (standard Pahang dowry)

the dinner reception happened right after the solemnization
event end at 11.30pm

just a simple wedding day but with style!

Hud with his wedding day posed!


The outdoor session will be held on the next day and we wore the same outfit for the same :)
and my lovely husband going to be the photographer of the day and i hope the outcome would be awesome
thank sayang!

Date : 5/4/2015
Time : 9.30am
Venue : Esplanade Tanjung Api, Kuantan

I was the one who give the suggestion to have the photoshoot here
since my wedding photoshoot also was done here so why not them too
the place was super great for the outdoor photoshoot!
believe me :)


 Best quote of the day

"Dream changes, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style."
quote taken from Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City

till then

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