Suad & Fared Wedding 2015

and hello readers!

praise to Allah
one of the family members just married!

Nothing can be describe
Happiness, Gladness and speechless
seeing one of the Sharfuddin's sisters settle down with her favorite man
May Allah bless you and the new family

The event was held at bride family resident which located at Sg. Petani, Kedah
06.06.2015 (Saturday)
same date as our Agong birthday

The solemnization ceremony happened in the morning
with blessedness and full of Malay marriage customs
at 10:00 am Suad legally become Fared spouse

Maroon as the family theme
and it was awesome!

now it's time for me and my little family
have a so called wedding shoot on the bridal dais

Terpenyek hah muka Hud!
sorry my dear son
we just too excited to have a new family member
we can't kiss him so we kiss you

and continue the photoshoot with always-weird-retard-posed
we just love it :)
and Hud just like "whatever"

now my baby turn
ohhh so melting with his cute-baby-posed
i love you!

 Congratulation dear sister
and here my favorite newly-wed wish to you

So much love lays ahead of you, 
and the best is yet to come! 
Be happy and never be blue, 
because two hearts will beat as one! 

till then


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