What Will My Face Look A Like??

Last ACTIVITY that we all done before we'll go back home for the MID-TERM brake
it's was really fun
and it also would be our SWEET Memories for this semester ever

sure u all wanna know what kind of activity that we all doing just now right??
i will tell u

are you READY??





this activity was held at ILQAM 6 which is in the ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR class
miss NORUL HUDA which is our LECTURER came out with this activity since she sought many of us looked very bored and so whatever..

so..she asked us to find a partner to form a group which are 2 members in the group
i choose FATIN NABILA as my partner
after that
we are ordered to face each other and u know what?? we must draw the face of the partner exactly whom they like and it's really make us feels like 
" I'M A ARTISTIC "..hell yeah!
but unfortunately we are not..hehe

so now lets us just proceed with the PHOTO SESSION like as usual
and seriously it's fun beb!

draw..draw and draw

Situation One

Situation Two

taaadaaa..we've alreaday done the drawing part and now we will showed the picture to our own partner
fatin was drawing my face and me drew her face

this was NURUL and DAYU

Here was SIMA and DAYAH

and here was NAZ and ITA

all the GUYS are showing there CREATIVE pictures that they have drew
all SUCKS!
they don't have a good talent to be a artistic drawer seriously

and FINALLY we're done and SHOWED OFF with the pictures that have been drew


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alhuda said...Best Blogger Tips[Baling Pisang Balik!]Best Blogger Templates

ooo.... cepatnya updates blog. enna this is a good article, its going to be very memorable moments for all class mate especially for mgt321, thank to blog for giving us such crazy oppurtunity to share everything with our lovely buddies. good luck

Ms.Banana said...Best Blogger Tips[Baling Pisang Balik!]Best Blogger Templates

it will be miss huda ^_^
and thanks for that wishing