So Masquerade

and Hello guys!
Long time no see hah! haha

Since this is my final year at UiTM Segamat
so so and so many things need to be done
so many event need to attend
so many works need to settle down
and so many many and many more

So today i'm going to update my past two weeks event that i've attended at Renaissance Hotel Melaka
which is the final year of BBA fin (hons) undergraduates dinner!
seriously so damn exciting cos the theme of this dinner is
" Masquerade Night "
feel so VENICE you know! ahaks :D

so here!
my best classmate ever for my bachelor's life
what best to describe them is
haha :D

 i look like SO-EVIL-WOMEN-OF-THE-YEAR by wearing this mask! 

what all i can say is
this is the best dinner ever for my bachelor's life!
and i will miss those memories

1 love bananas! nyuumyy:

SHASCHA said...Best Blogger Tips[Baling Pisang Balik!]Best Blogger Templates

AD HANIS ZALIKHA KAN KAT SITU??..penah jumpa dia x??..:))