Solemnization Preparation (Part 1)

Since my solemnization will be held just so soon, and not in a special occasion
just a small portion, between me and his family
no hantaran (gift) required
what he need to bring on the solemnization days is just himself and the dowry

My family ask us to register our marriage first
because now on, me and Izzat always go here and there together, it's not proper and i know that
and of course people will talk something bad about it
so to prevent all those kind of things happened, my mum ask us to have the absolute legal bound 
so it will be much secure and yet after this i can do whatever i want with him

so as of now, i have to get done all this things urgently! 
1. HIV blood test
2. Attending marriage course
3. Fill up the marriage permission form
4. Have a copy of all supportive documents needed
5. Get myself pretty of course :)

till then
will update you more

1 love bananas! nyuumyy: