Langkawi, Malaysia 2015 - 3D2N

and hello readers!

I am so crave for a vacation, and very bad is, i want an island gateway!
and thanks to Allah for the time, strength and all
me and my family have a chance to fulfill those
here we are at Langkawi, Kedah Malaysia

"Langkawi, officially known as Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah (Malay: Langkawi Permata Kedah)
is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea,
some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia.
The islands are a part of the state of Kedah, which is adjacent to the Thai border.
On 15 July 2008, Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah had consented to the change of name to
Langkawi Permata Kedah in conjunction with his Golden Jubilee Celebration.
By far the largest of the islands is the eponymous Pulau Langkawi with a population of some 64,792,
the only other inhabited island being nearby Pulau Tuba.
Langkawi is also an administrative district with the town of Kuah as largest town.
Langkawi is a duty-free island." - Wikipedia

This is my second trip to Langkawi where the first trip was 14 years ago
when i was at standard 6, and the trip was done after the UPSR in 2001
and here i go again with my little awesome family
only me, hubby and baby

The vacation happened on  9th April until 11th April

We drove car all the way to Sg. Petani then later my in laws drive us to Kuala Kedah ferry terminal
as what my in law says the parking fee at the Kuala Kedah way too expensive
it will cost you almost RM 60 per day!
that is why they willingly to sent us here instead of allowing us to drive our own car.

Details of the vacation will be write in timeline manner
please endure our awesome pictures and a very long entry

Day 1 - 9th April 2015

Reached Kuala Kedah ferry terminal at 1.15PM
directly go to the ferry line ticket counter and buy for the ferry tickets
one way fares is RM 23.00 for adult and RM 17.00 for child
and free for infants
Depart to Langkawi at 3.00 PM

Praise to Allah, we reached Langkawi at 5.45 PM
hello Langkawi!

when you reached Langkawi, once you step out from the ferry
there will be several people will come and approach you for car rental
they will offer you like unstoppable!
and what we do is, just walk straight and totally blinded
not even look at them, that is not cruel but it is the only way to avoid them.
We make a decision to rent car and deal at the official car rental company
which is more safe and reliable
after a 10 minutes of surveying and thinking
we decided to rent car from Rojam New Adventure Holiday Sdn. Bhd
you can find them on the left, two counter apart from Kuala Kedah ferry line counter

what a lucky day!
we able to rent a brand new myvi which is only RM 60/day instead of RM 75/day
hence we only pay RM 120 for 48hours
start use the car at 6.00PM 9/4/2015 and return at 6.00PM 11/4/2015
and the car was super duper fresh, new, clean and in a great condition
we are even take the car out from perodua service centre!
what a great and lucky day we had

so guys
if you want to rent a car or van or motorcycle
we are highly recommend you to rent it here at Rojam!

first hotel for the first night in Langkawi was at
Coco Valley Inn in Kuah town
we booked the hotel 2 days before traveling here at
and it's only cost us RM 57/night
clean, comfortable, the air-cond was super cold
and the most important is their WiFi was crazily-awesomely great!
i love it!
so, for cheap and better stay, you can have it here
affordable and worthiness!

Since we reached at late evening
so nothing much can we do on the day time
after dinner we decided to have a fresh air walk at Lang Square
it just 3 minutes away from our hotel by car

The Dataran Lang, literally the Eagle Square, is the very first landmark that comes across
the sight of visitors, arriving by ferry, to Langkawi.
Located next to Lagenda Park near Kuah Jetty,
the square boasts of a wonderful statue of a reddish brown eagle all geared for a flight.
The eagle, with its huge brown wings, is perched on a massive rock,
looking afar at the vast Andaman Sea.
Being in Langkawi, the land of numerous legends and mysteries,
this massive eagle also has a story attached to its presence. As per the local folklore,
the name Langkawi is derived from two different words 'Lang' or 'Helang' (meaning eagle)
and 'Kawi' (meaning reddish brown).
For this reason, Langkawi means reddish brown eagle, and the island is marked by its presence.
Since its establishment in 1996,
Eagle Square is visited by travelers to experience a hushed evening walk.
The square is delightfully landscaped, and features picturesque ponds,
bridges, covered terraces, and barrel vaults.
Besides, Dataran Lang is doted with numerous souvenir outlets and eateries.
So, you can relish the lip-smacking food while enjoying the view of eagle
which is brilliantly illuminated at night.

Day 2 - 10th April 2015 

Today is the most adventurous day of our vacation
this is the Island Hopping baby! wohoo!
Well actually we are not planning for the island hopping
it was unexpected event
this happened because when we renting a car
i saw this one advertisment about the island hopping
and kind of interested about it and i tell my husband "why not we try."
The Langkawi Island Hopping Tour takes you on a journey to explore Langkawi’s most illustrious islets.
then here we go! only RM 40/pax
the adventure will start from 9:00am until 1:00pm
overall we will visit 3 island which are Beras Basah Island, Singa Besar Island and Dayang Bunting Island

First you’ll be taken to visit  ‘Beras Basah Island’ – or Wet Rice Island
another pristine Langkawi beach with clear waters and
far-reaching views of the sea where you can relax and soak up the sun and sea.

The white sandy and clear water beach was captivating!
i love the island to the max, there also have a private chalet if you want to stay too.

Next is ‘Pulau Singa Besar’ – Big Lion Island; the boat stops just shy of the shores and
you’ll get the chance to watch the king of the skies – eagles – as they soar overhead.
Observe as they dive to catch their prey, chicken bits
that the boat driver has thrown into the water, with deadly precision
it’s a great photo and video opportunity.

The day ends with a visit to Dayang Bunting Island
the silhouette of the pregnant maiden from a distance is truly awe-inspiring
meanwhile the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden
overflowing with supposed ‘magical’ waters is another breathtaking sight.
Relax on the adjoining buoys on the shores,
dip your feet into the waters or splash and swim around in the enclosed sections.

Next is visiting the Mahsuri tomb right after the island hopping

Mahsuri’s Tomb is the crypt of the legendary Princess Mahsuri.
Located in the village of Mawat, 12km from Kuah, it is also known as Makam Mahsuri.
Most of the island’s natural attractions have fables attached in true Malay style
and Mahsuri’s Tomb is probably its most famous legend.

The story begins with the beautiful Mahsuri, a maiden (or princess by some accounts)
born over 200 years ago, who married the love of her life during a time of conflict with the Siamese.
Her husband went off to fight in the war and her mother-in-law, jealous of her beauty,
vengefully accused Mahsuri of adultery.

To enter the Tomb and cultural centre, you have to pay RM 10/pax for adult

Next is visiting pets at Underwater World Langkawi

Underwater World Langkawi is one of the largest marine and fresh water aquaria in South East Asia.
Since the start of its operation on 26 August 1995,
it has become one of the must visit tourist destinations in Langkawi
and has attracted a large number of foreign as well as local tourists.

 The concept and theme of Underwater World Langkawi are geared towards Knowledge,
Education and Entertainment.
It is built to raise awareness on the importance of conserving our
precious aquatic life forms, thus creating understanding of the deep and inseparable
bond between man and nature.

 Unique to Underwater World Langkawi is the gigantic 15-meter long walk-through tunnel
consisting of 500,000 liter seawater which houses many big fishes and sea creatures
including the Giant Green Turtle.

and Hud just like "hmmmmmm...ohhhh...hmmmmm..."
learning or not understand at all. we do not know
we bought the tickets on Groupon and it only cost us RM 25/pax instead of RM 30/pax

Next is time for us to rejuvenate ourselves
checking in the next stay which is more exclusive, relax and breathtaking
and we booked "Pulau Duyong Sea Village" at  Langkawi Lagoon Resort for our next stay

"Sprawled past a golden coastline, amid the blue waters of Andaman Sea,
a pristine gem by the name of Langkawi Lagoon Resort shines magnificently.
a 5-star accommodation overflowing with contemporary comforts
presents tempting options ranging from classy dining receptions to soothing recreational pleasures.
Furthermore, it is an ensemble of versatile rooms, suites, and villas
where remarkable views of the ocean and rolling hills can be witnessed.
It even features a Sea Village composed of lodgings built on stilts.
Langkawi Lagoon Resort is truly complete with indulgences that will leave you
greatly comfortable and satisfied." - Langkawi Lagoon Resort

Day 3 - 11th April 2015 

Today is the last day for us to spend here in Langkawi
so sad! cos there are lots of place still yet to visit
3 days here was not enough for you to explore everything in this mysterious island
no enough!

Whether like it or not, still have to believe that today is the last day for you to explore
as much as we can before back to the ugly reality.

Checking out from hotel at 12:00 pm
and straightly drove the car to the place where everyone must go when in Langkawi
which is The Sky cab of Langkawi!

Cable car station was located at Oriental Village, Burau Bay
we reached nearly at 1:00 pm
and directly go to the counter to by tickets
Since today is weekend, we can expect there are lots of visitor and tourist come for the same
we finally bought the tickets and our time to travel up with skycab is at 2:30 pm
since now just 1:30 pm, we plan to filling the time by visiting the Art in Paradise
just beside the cable car counter

"This is one of the newest additions in Langkawi.
An amazing 3-Dimensional art museum known as Art in Paradise located in Oriental Village.
It was officially inaugurated on 7th February 2015 by
the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

So what can you expect here? Well, amazing new era of art where part of the artwork
is coming out in the space giving it a lifelike real look!
There are over 100 such artwork created by 23 Korean artists and several talented local artists.
You can see dragon coming out of the picture frame,
or a gentleman's hand projecting out of his portrait to shake hands with you
and many more. " - Langkawi Insight

My favourite is the rhinoceros ass!

Since the address in my husband IC was at Sg.Petani
hence we able to enter the gallery at the Kedah resident rate
which only RM15/pax instead of RM 30/pax
half price!

We've been here for 1 hour
actually you need atleast 2 hours to spend here
and these just half of it, there a lots of awesome pictures!

Next we move to skycab Langkawi

Langkawi Cable Car (officially branded as Langkawi SkyCab)
may not be the longest or highest cable car in the World,
or even in Malaysia (that honour goes to Genting Skyway).

However it must surely be one of the most spectacular cable car rides in the world
due to the stunning backdrop of the 450 million year old Machincang mountain range
(the oldest rock formation in Southeast Asia).
The exhilarating 15 minute cable car ride is 2150 metres long and climbs 680 metres,
with magnificent views high above the treetops of dense rain forest.

There are three stations:
Base Station, where the journey begins and ends,
is located at Oriental Village in the north west of Langkawi Island.
From here the cable car travels 1700m to Middle Station.

Middle Station is located at 650m above sea level.
Passengers disembark here to admire the view and take photos before
boarding the cable car again for the final 450m stretch to Top Station.

Top Station is at 708m above sea level.
There are twin viewing platforms where you can catch the cooling breeze
and enjoy superb 360 degree panoramic views over Langkawi and the surrounding area,
including parts of neighbouring Thailand.

One of the viewing platforms contains a small café selling drinks and snack items.
 At top station there is a gift shop and a post office counter
where you can buy and write postcards and have them especially stamped.

Top Station is also where you access the SkyBridge,
an amazing 125 metre curved suspension supported by a single pylon above a deep ravine
between two mountain tops.

Unfortunately the SkyBridge was closed when I visited and
I see from the operator's website that it has been closed since April 2012.
Perhaps the revolutionary design and construction challenges
involved in building the bridge are lengthening the time and money needed to repair it.
It is hoped it can be reopened soon.

End our Machinchang mountain adventure by walking around the Oriental Village

Next destination is Telaga Harbour Park
Telaga Harbour Park is located on the road heading west past Langkawi International Airport.
It is the one and only such harbour town within the region.
This is a wonderful and picturesque harbor complex
located in Pantai Kok area of Langkawi on the western coastline.
A dramatic 27-acre bay with berthing facilities,
the harbour is noteworthy for Perdana Quay,
a boardwalk just opposite the marina featuring restaurants and pubs
that really draw in the crowds at nights.

Telaga Harbour Park used to be a small fishing village but is now a well-developed township
that is home to transient and home base yachts as well as mega yachts and
is the only such harbour town in the region.

The on water activity and yachts berthed at the harbour will provide
picturesque background to the harbour, creating a lifestyle and attracting tourism.
 You can come to the harbor and enjoy sailing.
Annual International Water Festival is held during the first quarter of the year
when you can participate in many water based activities and games held in the harbor park.

End our day by visiting Tanjung Rhu beach
Located just beyond Pantai Pasir Hitam, Tanjung Rhu has one of Langkawi’s best shorelines. 
The waters are as clear as crystal, the sand is powder-fine and 
driving towards this beach you’ll have to pass a dense corridor of jungle. 

The area is absolutely secluded and the atmosphere is silent and peaceful. 
Bordered by intermittent limestone crags, 
Tanjung Rhu is gorgeously breathtaking and even though it may be 
as hot as Hades in some of the other areas of Langkawi, 
here the air is crisp, clean and cool. 
 There are a few roadside stalls selling Langkawi’s local favourite
but other than that the area is quiet. 
Featuring clean roads, this quarter of Langkawi Island is the domicile of 
the Tanjung Rhu Resort as well as 
the Four Seasons Resort and the well-heeled tend to gravitate here.

Overall the short island gateway was super awesome and marvelous!
Thanks to hubby, thanks to Hud

We travel back to Kuala Kedah at 6:00pm
and reached at 7:30pm

till then

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