Sungai Pangsun, Hulu Langat Selangor 2015

and hello readers!

On last wednesday my brother phoned me and invited to spend time with him
or do any sunday activities together.
he said "anything can be."
so i decide to have  a picnic or barbeque at nearest waterfall/river
he ask me to pick the venue but i'm not sure where is the best place tho
so he give a suggestion "why not we make it at Sungai Pangsun, Hulu Langat"
ohh great, agreed!

We divide who's going to bring this and that
and here we go!

i'm travelling from Shah Alam down to Hulu Langat at 8.30am
it takes almost 1 hour to reached the location
luckily we took off early in the morning, free from traffic jammed

Since we are the first who reached here,
hence there are lots of small cottage which are still empty
these cottage is rented
it cost RM35/cottage
there a lots of cottage you can rent and choose of
our cottage includes barbeque pit and also power supply

Pangsun river was formed by the dam water release of Langat river
and Pangsun river just beside Congkak river and in Lubok Manggis area

The cottage is comfortable and in a very good condition
the cottage size 20"x10" i guess
can fit to 10 persons max

Here you go
the lunch time
Nyummy nyum!

I was the one who made the coleslaw and my brother do the marinated chicken
he also bring along sausages and lamb patty
and the corn, we just buy it here
RM 10/lot where consists 5 corns

our lunch time was superb awesome and delicious
finger licking good!

take off home at 2:45pm

Overall, this is the suitable place for you to hangout barbequing with family and friends
you should come and try someday!

till then

1 love bananas! nyuumyy: