Parent Mentor Day, Cutie Cottage 2014

and hello readers!

Last year event but just have it updated in blog

Parent Mentor Day is the day where you can see your baby do the performance
and also a good ice-braking session among parents

the event was held on 8th November 2014 at Cutie Cottage, First Avenue

Hud was on his 5th months this time
very tiny, very chubby, very much quite and know how to stay still silently
so much different

now he more advance, he now know how to make so much and loud sound effect with his mouth
know how to eat by him self
know how to stand
and currently he learn to walk

How times flies!

we took off from home at 8:00am and reach baby centre at 8:35AM

2014 parent mentor day theme was flora and fauna
that is why our little munckin become a sweet little lion of the day
tiny but if him roarrring, it might bleed your ear honey. Haha!

start the morning session with the baby and toddlers parade
and they will sing and dance along afterwith

After parade and dance performance
nurse will handover baby and toddler back to the parents
and yes Hud keep yawning, yawning and yawwwning!
he was too sleepy but yet to sleep cos he has to really get attached to the event
this event is for him not nah! you can't sleep

one way to keep him energetic is, we have to keep playing, entertain and just go with his flow
if he want to stand than we have to stand him up
if he want to cuddle then we have cuddle him close
anything will do and we did it!
his eyes open still until end of the event :)

Well, here is the best part

Beside baby & toddler parade, sing and dance performance
they also organize one special contest for baby and toddler based on age range

3 months to 12 months
1 year - 2 years
2 years - 4 years

a cutie contest!

each parent was given 3 chances to vote
and the winner chose based on the highest votes

Hud won the 4th place for baby category. Congrats!

Overall review
the event was awesome!
can't wait for the 2015 Parent Mentor Day

till then

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Every parent knows how to bring fun to kids wisely. Baby Hud is very cute yet chubby!