Ainna's 26th Birthday - Birthday Picnic 2015

and hello readers!

First and foremost

26 years ago 
i was a little baby girl who just came out from a pure womb of a woman called mother
20 years ago 
i went to my first school known as kindergarten and yes i play hard
14 years ago 
i took my first examination known as "Ujian Pernilaian Sekolah Rendah" and it's a tough one!
8 years ago 
i went to my first university and it was "Universiti Teknologi Mara" and i think i was genius
2 years ago 
i was hired by IBM Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and got married to a man named Ahmad Izzat
1 years ago 
i gave birth to my very first child named Hud

and today, i still breathing, healthy and ready to face the future
Praise to Allah S.W.T
be grateful, be thankful

This year birthday, i didn't expect something big
i didn't expect something extravagant
but all i want is, my family
my little sweet family

Thanks to my dearest man for bringing this up for me
it was so lovely
" birthday picnic "
sounds great and yes it was really great!

My exact birthday was on 3rd May
and i am totally forgot about it!
well when you become a wife, more specific a "mom"
you will face this kind of problem
where you only remember you children birthday, hubby and anniversary (if you able to)
and you will forgot yours. Believe me!
and the only person might remember is either your beloved hubby or your children
and yes my husband remind me of this
" Happy Birthday honey." whispering to my ears at 12.30am, 3rd May 2015
" Ohh, is it?" that's all i can say
i don't even believe it is the time!
the time that will make your self ask "how old am i?"

So Happy Birthday to me!
yes i am 26 years old this year
my hubby planning for the celebration on 9th May (Saturday)
and it was birthday picnic at Taman Tasik Shah Alam, Selangor

since my husband planning to celebrate my birthday on the park
hence, i'm offering myself to be the chef of the day
It took 1 hour for me to prepare all the dishes
Pasta with minced beef and sandwich
simple, save and worthiness

blowing candle and cake cutting ceremony
it just a simple cake with numbering candle on top
Thanks suamiku, may Allah bless you

All i can say is, i am a happy woman!
it bring tears on me
How lucky i am to having such a good person as my husband
How lucky i am starting my real life by having a little family
Thanks ya Rabb, thanks for everything

26 tahun sudah berlalu
Jika dikenang sudah banyak akan dosaku
Ku memohon pada yang satu
Panjangkanlah umurku
Hapuskanlah dosa-dosaku

Pintaku hanya satu
Semoga aku menjadi isteri solehah selalu
Menjadi ibu mithali buat anak-anakku
Dan semoga tahun akan datang membawa keberkatan padaku

till then

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