Hud's 1st Birthday - Superhero Party 2015

and hello readers!

a year ago on the exact date where i gave birth to 3.5kg baby boy named Hud
the moment of giving birth still fresh in mind and will be remember ALWAYS
and today he growing up healthily, strongly and complete his 12 months of living in this cruel world

Well dear son,
there so much things, much much more that you need to know
things to explore
things to be touch
things to be learn
things to be understood
things that might get you hurt
so much more
May Allah granted you with the strong heart to overcome when the times come.

my dear Hud bin Ahmad Izzat

and as promised to myself
Ummi and Abi would like to throw a cool party on your first birthday
and we did it!

Hud's turn 1 - Superhero theme party!

Vanilla Cheese Cake with little prop on top
and it was done by me
simple and cute
and the most important is, it is not expensive as it look.

The event was held at my dear husband bromance at Seksyen 11, Shah Alam
thank Faizu and Jei for lending us your house for the party
really appreciated it!

and it was happened on last Saturday (23/5/2015)

We do the preparation since Friday until evening of the party day
it is tiring but worthiness!

me become so called wonderwomen whereas my dear husband and Hud become Superman
my big and little superman
I love you both to the moon and back!

Oh we wore top to bottom all black apparel and apron for superhero effect
it was cool right? and I know I am to sexy on the day
and the Wonderwomen crown, I printed it myself. 1 hour before the party begin! Haha
it was a very last minute head decoration and it perfect!

for the party dishes
I ordered chicken soto from my husband friend
preparing marinated chicken, sausage, sweet corn
and I cooked fried rice for the carbo dish

for drink
I made refreshment punch, the combination of sprite with lemon and apple mint

Guess arrived at 8:00pm

and the cake cutting ceremony start at 8:45pm

Few photos with family and the most dearest friends
thank you guys for coming and tone up the party well

The chicken soto was super delicious!

Meet the dearest friend of mine
thanks for coming  all the way from Ipoh
just to celebrate Hud's birthday
Thank you sayangku!

SuperHud and BatQoshi

The bite size cake on the right size was ordered from my friend
and it is cheese cake and it known as "kek keju leleh"
the taste was whhhooohh! super duper cheesy
I took four flavor which are lemon cheese, pandan cheese, oreo cheese and red velvet

Well this is a lucky draw winners selection
I made this lucky draw just for fun
and it was fun!

each of every guess need to write their name on paper and fold it
put it in superheroes lucky jar
then later we will pick five lucky superheroes and medium size hamper will be the prize
how do we select for the lucky draw winners?
well hud will determine it!

Hud picked five lucky superheroes by using his lucky pitcher grasp
and congrats to Kim, Ash, Ahmad Qoshi, Idaman and Meily

the time for Hud to unwrap his birthday present!

this is so much guys!
Hud is a spoiled baby today
he got so many present
thank you guys

How lucky he is having his own car at this age
Ummi still don't have any even at age of 26
I am so jealous at you baby Hud
you're so lucky and I am lucky to have you in my life

End the superhero party at 11:00pm

The party well smoothly, successfully and greatly!

Thank you guys for coming
and thank you Ya Rabb for all the strength, time and all

till then

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